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Wanneroo Central

Wanneroo Central is located to the north of Perth

At Wanneroo Central, we have integrated 1.1MW of rooftop solar and 2.3MWh of onsite battery energy storage systems to provide a reliable, low-cost renewable energy source for the many tenants. The solar energy generated from our rooftop installation accounts for most of the site’s energy needs, significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

Beyond this, the scalable battery asset operating under our proprietary algorithm captures and stores excess energy generated during solar hours, ensuring a continuous supply of renewable energy while also allowing for demand shifting opportunities to further reduce reliance on the surrounding distribution network.

Developing Sustainable Energy


of rooftop solar


of onsite battery energy storage systems

Sustainability Efforts

The integration of these behind-the-meter assets, coupled with our asset management capabilities enables us to effectively manage the intermittency of renewable generation onsite and provide Wanneroo tenants with a dependable clean energy source.