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Our Difference

Partner with us to reach Net-Zero

We help large corporates & governments achieve their sustainability goals by providing cleaner, more efficient, & more affordable energy. We specialise in designing, building, owning and operating renewable energy assets, and associated infrastructure, across Australia.

When you work with us, you gain a long-term partner. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, we can help you reach your goals faster.

Our Solutions

Solar Energy

CleanPeak Energy specialises in Design, Construction, Installation & Operation of large-scale solar PV systems, both on-site rooftop & utility scale solar farms.
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Battery Energy Storage

Solar energy solutions are optimised with the addition of battery assets to ensure reliability of supply. We use our own proprietary algorithms.
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Renewable Retailer

We supply renewable energy to residential & commercial consumers continuing to offer "whole-of-meter" renewable energy.
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Embedded Networks

We operate 4 world class energy precincts with fully embedded network facilities connected to our own behind the meter generation & thermal plants.
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Central Thermal Plant

Highly efficient & reduces energy consumption in the built environment. Our plants deliver customers their first step toward Net-Zero.
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Clean Fuels

CleanPeak focuses on Scope 2 & 3 emissions, offering efficient renewable fuel sources for tenants & visitors to shopping centres.
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Asset Management

As a leading owner & operator of thermal & renewable energy assets, we deliver world class capabilities, ensuring both high availability & operating efficiencies.
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