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Campbelltown Mall

The Campbelltown Mall is located in Sydney’s South West.

In 2020, CleanPeak designed and constructed an integrated rooftop solar and battery energy storage system for Charter Hall at their Campbelltown Mall shopping centre. This is one of the 25 shopping centres where our assets are assisting Charter Hall deliver on their aspirations to be carbon neutral, supporting their sustainability credentials whilst delivering price certainty in a backdrop of volatile energy prices.

Approaching Carbon Neutral

1.6 MW

Rooftop solar capacity

2 MWh

Energy storage capacity

Sustainability Efforts

Our 1.6MW solar installation provides over 60% of the site’s energy needs and with the integrated 2MWh onsite battery energy storage system reduces the sites reliance on the surrounding distribution network by nearly 90% (during a period of peak demand). This innovative solution makes the most of unused rooftop space and captures otherwise lost solar energy, providing a reliable and cost-effective source of renewable energy for tenants and customers of Campbelltown Mall.