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Arnott's Huntingwood

Arnott’s Huntingwood is located in Sydney’s West

CleanPeak has partnered with The Arnott’s Group to deliver a renewable energy strategy that will see their Huntingwood manufacturing facility powered 100% by renewable energy by 2029.

Reaching 100% Renewable

5 MW

Committed solar capacity

15 MWh

Committed energy storage capacity

4.8 GWh

Yearly generation

+ 17.7 GWh

mixed generation

Sustainability Efforts

The facility requires around 22 GWh of electricity annually and we plan to deliver around 5GWh of renewable energy from the installation of a 5MW rooftop solar system integrated with a 15MW battery energy storage system. The remaining 17 GWh will be sourced overtime from our portfolio of in-front-of-the-meter portfolio assets and other contracted renewable generation.

Our plan is to commission assets progressively allowing us to increase the proportion of renewables until we reach our net-zero target in 2029. Throughout this process our capital investment will give The Arnott’s Group certainty over the site’s electricity costs, facilitating a smooth transition to the use of renewable energy.

By leverageding our behind the meter assets under development at this site, we are enabling The Arnott’s Group to advance their net-zero agenda for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by almost a decade.